TruBee Whipped Honey Sampler Trio

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Tru Bee Honey of Eagleville, TN harvests raw honey from "free-range" bees that collect pollen from pastures, hills, hollers, and by-ways. 

This trio collection contains three jars of pure, raw whipped honey. Whipped honey, or 'creamed honey,' is pure honey that has been churned into a spreadable texture. Each jar has 1.5 oz of honey. If you love bees like we do, check out our Bee ScarvesBe More Bee book, Trubee Mini Honey Jar, and Can a Bee Sting a Bee book! 

  • Cinnamon: organic Ceylon cinnamon for a bright, energizing kick
  • Lavender: organic lavender extract
  • Original: "Tennessee Snow" whipped honey