Nashville Haunted Handbook

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Hop in and hang on for Nashville's grandest ghost hunt!

Nashvillians love their city so much that some of them stick around even after they should pass to the Great Beyond. Ghost hunters Jeff Morris, Donna Marsh, and Garrett Merk take you to 100 haunted places where you can see or hear these ghostly citizens for yourself.

In Nashville Haunted Handbook, the authors guide you to haunted roads and bridges, to cemetaries and museums, to schools, theaters, restaurants, stores, and any other place where people have reported paranormal experiences.

Each two-page entry includes:

  • Directions for downtown
  • An historical overview of the haunted place
  • The story of ghostly doings in that place
  • Advice on visiting the place yourself--if you dare

From the beating heart at Granny White's grave to the discomfort and dread patrons feel at the Beer Seller, from the priestly ghosts at St. Mary's Catholic Church to the ghosts of giggling children at the Travellers Rest Plantation, Nashville Haunted Handbook covers Music City's scariest spots.

Happy ghost hunting!