Friendmade Goods Cloth Napkins

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Friendmade Goods is a social enterprise of Friends Life Community in Nashville that creates opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (the Friends) to express themselves creatively and be financially validated as artists.

Friendmade Goods Purpose

  • Friends' original designs are licensed and they are paid for their art.
  • Designs become customized stamps and silk screens.
  • Friends make, package, and market items, gaining business and entrepreneurial skills.

Friendmade Goods Mission: To create an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to develop socially, grow personally, and enjoy community as they experience life together.

Napkin Set Details

  • Set of 4 cloth napkins
  • Hand-dyed in small batches and screen-printed in-house using designs the Friends create.
  • Approximately 20" x 20"
  • 100% cotton