Behind the Seams Dolly Parton

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Clothes are like songs. Just hearing certain music brings back particular memories, so it is with certain outfits. This book tells the stories behind some of Dolly's favorite clothes, both on and off the stage, and she hopes it will inspire you to celebrate your own sense of style. Whoever you are, be that! And enjoy your journey behind the seams!

Featuring the largest reveal of country music icon Dolly Parton's private costume archive, this gorgeously photographed book shares the story--in Dolly's own words, as well as those of her closest collaborators--of her lifelong passion for fashion, including how she developed the distinct Dolly style that has defied convention and endeared her to fans around the world.

  • By Dolly Parton
  • With Holly George-Warren
  • Curated by Rebecca Seaver