This Bearded Life

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From the back cover:

To shave or not to shave?

A seemingly trivial dilemma, perhaps, but one which becomes much more significant when placed within the context of modern man's lifestyle. A facial feature that has been synonymous with masculinity for centuries, the beard has now become an attractive style choice, one which gives a man presence and a certain air of sophistication. These days, facial hair is not only accepted--it's the very height of fashion.

In the words of author Carlos Sune, "This book reflects the new way of life for the bearded man--a way of life we love, in which the principles of beard care matter and we have no qualms about shouting from the rooftops that a beard is more than just facial hair; it is an attitude, a cornerstone of identity.

Accompanied by witty illustrations from fellow facial hair enthusiast, Alfonso Casas, This Bearded Life is a fascinating collection of observations, musings, tips, and advice about the world of beards, barbers and the bearded masses--somewhere between a collector's item and a how-to guide for those new to the world of facial hair, and for those who are already proud proponents of the bearded way of life.


  • The daily routine of your average bearded men
  • The importance of beards
  • What beards can hide, and the who's who of famous beards
  • Essential hints and tips for caring for your beard
  • Illustrated glossary and calendar