Things To Look Forward To

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Everyone needs things to look forward to--big things and small things, on good days and on bad days; things that will buoy our spirits and make us laugh and help us feel alive.

In these pages, beloved author and illustrator Sophie Blackall has gathered a collection of joyful things for all of us: things that are always there if we look for them, like the sun coming up; things we can do if the sun is behind a cloud, like baking for other people or drawing a face on an egg; and things that can happen when we least expect them, like falling in love.

Funny, compassionate, and sometimes even wise, Blackall--through personal stories, paintings, and a list of 52 Things to Look Forward To--offers us a handbook on how to make the most of our time here on Earth. There is always something bright on the horizon, and sometimes the horizon is closer than we think.