The Live Your Values Deck

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When we make our core values the guiding force in our lives, remarkable things happen. Living your values increases your compassion, reduces your stress, enhances your confidence, and allows you to experience more intimacy in your relationships.

This 78-card deck offers you a practical set of tools for determining your core values and practicing them in your daily life. You'll start off with a simple sorting exercise, then dive deeper into your highest values with the prompts and activities listed on each card. The accompanying booklet helps you use the deck to enrich your life and improve your well-being. Start living in accordance with what matters most to you.

Lisa Congdon is an artist, educator, and bestselling author who lives in Portland, Oregon, with your wife and pets.

Andreea Niculescu is a brand strategist who is endlessly fascinated by the human condition and madly in love with her wife, her dog, and the city of Seattle, Washington.