Subpar Parks

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What is Subpar Parks? It's a hilarious Instagram account combining two things that seem like they might not work together yet somehow harmonize perfectly: creator Amber Shane's beautiful illustrations, celebrating the incredible majesty and variety of America's national parks, juxtaposed with the clueless and hilarious one-star reviews posted by visitors. For example, millions of travelers each year enjoy Glacier National Park, but for one visitor, it was simply "Too cold for me!" Another saw the mind-boggling vistas of Bryce Canyon as "Too orange! Too spiky!" Never mind the person who visited the thermal pools at Yellowstone and left thinking, "Save yourself some money, boil some water at home."

Featuring more than 50 percent new material, this book includes more depth and insight into the most popular parks, such as Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and Acadia National Parks,; anecdotes and tips from rangers; and much more about author Amber Share's personal connection to the parks. Equal parts humor and love for the national parks and the great outdoors, this book is perfect for anyone who loves to spend time outside as well as have a good read (and laugh) once they come indoors.

Amber Share is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Raleigh, NC. After several years as a professional graphic designer working on hand-lettering and illustration on the side, she left her job in graphic design to pursue illustration full time. As an avid hiker and backpacker, she spends a lot of time in local, state, and national parks, which inspired this project and this book.