My Fairy Library

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Welcome to the magical world of Fairyland, where you will find a little woodland library full of tiny fairy tales and miniature guides to the secret fairy world.

Create your very own enchanting collection of tiny books that you can really read! With titles ranging from illustrated guides to fairy folk and their woodland friends and foes, to classic fairy tales and books of magical ingredients and charms, plus books for you to complete yourself, you'll have everything you need to make your own stunning fairy library.


  • 20 fairy-size books to make. Simply cut and fold the pages and stick on the covers.
  • The box converts into a magical fairyland. Stand it on its side and it becomes a beautiful woodland scene complete with miniature shelves to assemble.
  • Store your books in the box. When you've finished playing, just unfold the shelves and close the box, and your fairy library treasures are safely contained until next time.