Forest School

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forest-school-book-2-web.jpgA celebration of all that the great outdoors have to offer, forest schools are play-based learning groups that keep the spirit of childlike wonder alive by encouraging appreciation, exploration, and connection with nature. Originating in northern Europe, these woodland programs have spread to America and many other countries. Traditionally, forest school hasn't focused on adults--until now!

The Forest School for Grown-Ups is an interactive guide to navigating the world's most beautiful spaces, from forest-friendly tips to helpful how-to's. Filled to the brim, you'll learn:

  • Survival skills, including kindling a campfire and even foraging for your dinner
  • Crafting with natural materials, from making baskets and bird feeders to rope slings
  • Outdoor activities, like flower reading, forest bathing, and concocting forest potions
  • Folklore and forest facts, from all things trees to age-old woodland tales
  • And more!
  • By Richard Irvine