Dolly Parton Activity Book

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A warm-hearted and uplifting celebration of the legend that is Dolly Parton.

Inside you'll find all the Dolly-related activities and games you could dream of, interspersed with cool facts, entertaining quotes, and tricky quizzes in recognition of Dolly's many lifetime achievements. Test yourself with 'Spot the Dolly Difference,' search through the crowds for a sighting of the singer in 'Where's Dolly?,' and design and decorate Dolly's outfits in 'All Dolled Up.' There are also crosswords, bingo, word searches, anagrams, word clouds, and stories 'Setting the Record Straight' on all things Dolly. Perfect for any fan of Her Dollyness, this book is a fun tribute to this universally popular global superstar.

By Nathan Joyce