Digging Deep: How Science Unearths Puzzles from the Past

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For the child who is fascinated by science and history, this book delves deep into archaeological wonders that have amazed historians and scientists alike. The chapters discuss Otzi the Ice Man, the discovery of the oldest poison, the lost cities of Cambodia, the lost ships of the Arctic, the lost grave of King Richard III, and Chauvet Cave (where the oldest known cave paintings are.)

From the back cover:

Throughout time, archaeological discoveries have revealed new findings along with deeper understandings about the development of humans and society. But sometimes these revelations are so startling that they change the way we view history.

Digging Deep showcases exciting examples of these lost puzzle pieces and how recent advances in science have brought them to light. From new clues about Stone Age life gleaned from the discovery of Otzi the Ice Man to previously undetected signs about the size and complexity of the lost cities of Cambodia, this book is full of fascinating ways that modern science has enhanced our knowledge of the world around us.