Serendipity12th Volcanic Mask By Nash And Jones

$ 36.00

Our skin is our largest organ and is also the most vulnerable. Continued exposure to the elements and chemicals plus the aging process all take their visual toll on the skin. It is essential to support and nurture our skin in order to restore health and enhance function.  A deep cleansing of the pores is a refreshing and necessary part of healthy skin rejuvenation.

This dry mask combines the mineral properties of pure dead sea salt with the amazing properties of ancient Wyoming volcanic bentonite clay to draw out and bind toxins with the soothing and gentle milk of oatmeal.


Intended for the use of a facial mask 1x/week or as a direct treatment for blemishes, insect bites, cuts, skin itching, or burns.  Simply use the wooden spoon to put the desired amount of dry mask into your palm.  Slowly add small amounts of warm water to the mask until you form a watery paste.  Smooth the paste to face and neck.  Allow to fully dry then rinse off with warm water.  I like to finish with a Goat Milk Bar wash and a cold rinse.  To complete the mask process you will need to hydrate naturally such as our Facial Serum and Eye Cream. Made by Nash and Jones.

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