Bibliophile Pencils

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If office supplies are your jam, you'll love these new pencil sets! Lovers of the written word will adore these pencils paying homage to our literary giants, and grammarians will adore writing with (and showing off) the funny pencils showing off their favorite language rules. All pencils are made in the US.

Famous Female Authors (black foil imprinted)

  • What Would Jane Austen Write?
  • What Would Maya Angelou Write?
  • What Would Sylvia Plath Write?
  • What Would Dorothy Parker Write?
  • What Would Emily Dickinson Write?


Famous Male Authors (white foil imprinted)

  • What Would Oscar Wilde Write?
  • What Would Edgar Allan Poe Write?
  • What Would Ernest Hemingway Write?
  • What Would F. Scott Fitzgerald Write?
  • What Would William Shakespeare Write?


Grammar Pencils (gold foil imprinted)

  • Two, Too, To
  • Affect, Effect
  • There, Their, They're
  • Were, We're, Where
  • You, Your, You're


Two Line Grammar Pencils (foil imprinted)

  • I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar.
  • The Effect of Good Penmanship Can Greatly Affect Legibility.
  • You're Not Done Until You Have Checked Your Work.
  • Regardless Of What You Think, Irregardless Is Not A Word.
  • They're Writing In Their Notebooks Over There.