50 Things To Do In The Wild

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Fletch an arrow, weave a fishing net, raise a tarp, take a night walk, and start a fire: enjoy these outdoor activities and many more with the help of this spirited guide to wilderness recreation and leisure. This dependable volume brims with inspiration and advice for novice hikers and makes a handy reference for more experienced campers and trekkers. As practical as a well-packed bag, as stylish as a new bit of gear, and perfectly suited for tossing in your day pack, 50 Things to Do in the Wild is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels and ages--and an invitation to reconnect with your wild side!

Richard Skrein is a wilderness expert with a profound and enduring passion for connecting people with nature. A Londoner with a wandering spirit, he can be found in the woods and on the coastlines of Europe and beyond.