50 Places to Camp Before You Die Book

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This book features 50 must-experience camping destinations around the world, plus expert advice from those who have visited including what to bring, when to go, and where to stay. Check out Fifty Places to Rock Climb Before You Die!


From the inside cover:

For all those who dream of sleeping under the stars at night-- or scaling a mountain peak, wading on a moonlit beach, or hiking a desert plain-- Fifty Places to Camp Before You Die offers fifty must-visit camping destinations around the world. Gorgeous photographs take readers on an epic camping journey across the globe, from California's Big Sur to the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia, and Maine's Acadia National Park to Thailand's Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary.,

Camping Experts reveal the rich history of each destination and what makes each camping spot unique. If-you-go tips advise travelers on all the essentials: what to bring, when to visit, and where to stay. In every chapter, you'll find anecdotes from seasoned campers sharing stories of the activities and adventures that await you in these special places. Whether you're a veteran camper or new to the world of camping, Fifty Places to Camp Before You Die will prepare you to set off for new adventures in the great outdoors.